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Get ready for an electrifying soccer revolution in Stokes County, NC! We are thrilled to announce the birth of Stokes United Football Club (SUFC), a dynamic joint venture uniting the forces of Northern Triad Soccer Club, Southeastern Youth Soccer Association, Lawsonville, and Sandy Ridge.

This incredible collaboration aims to take soccer in Stokes County to new heights! By joining hands, we are streamlining administrative duties and offering players an unparalleled opportunity to thrive within one united club.

Our mission is crystal clear - we are dedicated to improving, streamlining, and expanding our recreation level practices, games, and teams. Families in Stokes County and surrounding areas, get ready for a vertical leap in soccer excellence! We're planning to introduce thrilling games on the North side of the county in Lawsonville and Sandy Ridge, while keeping the excitement alive at Rec Acres (King) and SSYSA (Brook Cove).

Hold on to your soccer cleats because here are the most important things you need to know about this game-changing alliance:

  1. Same Location, More Fun: Players will play and practice at the same location, unless they choose otherwise.
  2. Hassle-free Registration: Registration will now be a breeze with our central website! Players from all clubs can sign up on our joint platform. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR SPRING 2024. Price and login credentials will stay the same. (NTSC families can use the same login, but they might need to add their children as participants.)
  3. Score with Savings: The cost to player will not increase! Discounts for multiple players will still be available.
  4. Stick to the Schedule: Practice and game scheduling will remain unchanged, with the exciting possibility of adding games in the North Division.
  5. Focus on Excellence: Soon, we plan to transition to individual boys and girls teams, bidding farewell to co-ed teams. This will boost our players' training and game experience, setting them up for success.
  6. No Extra Uniform Costs: Don't worry about additional uniform expenses. If any uniform changes are necessary, they won't cost you a dime during this transition period.

By coming together, we're opening up a world of opportunities for every player. Starting young, our players will develop skills that will pave the way for success at middle and high school levels. And who knows? The competitive level of classic soccer might just be within reach!

As we embark on this thrilling journey, we seek your continued support and patience. For the next two seasons (Fall and Spring), each club will function as before. But by Fall of 2024, our goal is to be one united club - all playing under the banner of Stokes United FC. Even with our united efforts, we still need your support for coaching, field maintenance, fundraising, and more. There are endless ways to get involved, so if you're interested, let us know!

Thank you for being our rock-solid fans and supporters as we work through this exciting transition. Together, we'll score legendary goals and bring soccer glory to Stokes County!


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